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Niall was Saved by Travel Insurance

Vacations are all about creating selfie-worthy experiences…

A frightening cardiac event is not so selfie-worthy, but Manulife Travel Insurance made it a little easier to handle for Niall.

Niall is a pretty fit guy. He’s an avid cyclist who had never had any major health issues. In some ways he’s the kind of person you might think would feel safe travelling without insurance. But the Thornhill, ON native says, “I’m a firm believer that things happen and I never wanted to take the financial risk or gamble. That’s why insurance is there. And for the minimal cost of protection, it was peace of mind.

That philosophy paid off for Niall during a recent trip to San Francisco. He and his wife were simply walking around the city, enjoying the sights, when he started to feel some numbness in his arms and chest. He thought it was weird, but got through the night without issue. The next day, while touring the city, the symptoms reappeared. He would stop and the symptoms would go away, but every time he started walking again, they’d come back.

Finally, he decided to get checked out. But before he did, he called Manulife to let them know. They gave him a case ID number and told him to go to the hospital and keep them up to date. It’s a good thing he went, because he was diagnosed with a cardiac event caused by three blocked arteries and underwent a procedure to rectify the problem.

All told, his entire $64,690.06 medical bill was paid by Manulife. “You hear about these issues people have with insurance companies,” he said, “But never, ever did we ever have any sort of ‘don’t do this or don’t do that.’ They were just very cooperative and very accommodating during the whole process.

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